Beauty Spot: Natural Makeup



Nude Makeup

For a few seasons now the catwalks have seen legions of fresh faced models with nude make up and glowing skin. Although appearing to look like they've just rolled out of bed, this make up trend uses more products that you may expect. 

First up, it's all about the prep work! If you're going to go nude, make sure your skin is well cleansed and moisturised. This will help you to carry off the flawless look, and make up will last longer. 

Next, choose a good base. Primer helps to create the appearance of smooth skin and gives a radiant appearance. CID Cosmetics i-prime contains ATP (andenison tri-peptide) a skin care ingredient that helps to strengthen the skin barrier function and also adds bounce back into the skin. Combine with their i-conceal, that has a handy brush attached, for a flawless base that's ready for this bare faced style. 

The trick is for your skin to look light and as natural as possible, so avoid adding heavy foundation. Swap to a tinted moisturiser, such as the i-tint by CID Cosmetics, for a sheer, luminous coverage. 

Add a small dash of blusher in a warm pink to both cheekbones, and blend until you achieve that English rose look with just a flush of colour. 

Finish with translucent loose powder to reduce shine and set your make up. i-finish from CID Cosmetics is the perfect powder for the job by removing excess shine.

Pop into the salon to see our full range of New CID Cosmetics. 


Trend Spot: Quiffs



If you’re looking for a chic hairstyle that’s perfect for a night out, try a modern day quiff (think Janelle Monae). A cool way to wear your hair up, the quiff has been around for years, yet seems to have made a come back in recent years. Ranging from merely pinning a fringe back, to backcombing for volume, the quiff is a trendy favourite.  

To hold your style in place all night long, try Paul Mitchell’s Super Clean Sculpting Gel, which provides maximum control with added nutrients to intensify shine.

Stable Condition



Paul Mitchell ProductsFor most people, conditioning after shampooing is just a standard part of your hair care regime. But as the autumn breezes roll in and take it out on our poor locks, our hair is craving more moisture. For that added softness, try a leave-in conditioner that can be used daily, and if you’re feeling extra special, treat your hair to a hair mask once every couple of weeks. 

Try ‘The Conditioner’, a Paul Mitchell Original – perfect as a daily leave-in conditioner, that can also be used as a skin moisturiser! 

For a more intense moisturising treatment, try Paul Mitchell’s Hair Repair Treatment, which helps prevent breakage, replaces nutrients, and replenishes the hair giving it elasticity and shine. 

NOW save money on a range of our Paul Mitchell products including the Smoothing, Moisture, Colour Care, Extra Body & Strength haircare duos. Pop in to the salon and you could save up to 35%! 


Summer Trend Spotlight: Headscarves




Whether you chose to go for the ultra-fashionable pixie cut this summer, or have kept your long tresses, headscarves are an easy way to add a pop of colour and interest to any outfit. Ideal for covering festival hair, or protecting your locks from the sunshine whilst on holiday, headscarves are this summer's big trend. 

There are many different ways to wear headscarves, meaning you are guaranteed to find a style that suits you perfectly. You can either go with the hip-hop style classic bandanas, or opt for silk scarves for a more feminine look. 

For vintage vixens, a 1950s up-do will revitalise that ‘housewife’ look of a bygone era. Fold a square headscarf in half so that the shape becomes a triangle; place the headscarf over your up-do with the top point of the scarf coming towards your forehead. Bring both ends of the scarf up to the top of your head and tie into a knot, making sure that the first point is tied up in this knot as well. Voila…a cool and sassy look (and a good way to fix a bad hair day!). 

If you want to show off your hairstyle, why not tie a simple bow: use a skinny scarf or fold a wider one into a long strip. Place the middle of the scarf against the nape of your neck (underneath your hair if it’s long), and then bring both ends of the scarf around to the top of your head. Choose to tie the bow right at your hairline, or just behind your fringe. An instant and easy addition to any outfit, and very on-trend this summer. 


Paul Mitchell's Sensational Sun Range



Paul Mitchell Sun Range


Caring for your hair whilst on holiday might not be at the forefront of your mind, but on your return dry damaged locks is not a good look. 

Pride are now stocking Paul Mitchell's Sun range that includes the exclusive UVeil Complex, a powerful blend of sunflower seed extract and highly-active UV absorbers which is exactly what you need during your summer break, as well as for post holiday recovery. 

Pack Paul Mitchell Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo in your luggage to nourish your sun kissed locks throughout your getaway. Leaving parched hair silky soft, this sulfate-free shampoo has UV protection to keep your hair at it's best. Before heading out on your sun-lounger, spritz your hair with the Sun Shield Conditioning Spray for instant UV protection without your hair feeling coated or sticky. 

If you've got caught up in bikini buying and completely forgotten to pack those products, Paul Mitchell's After-Sun Replenishing Masque rejuvenates sun-damaged hair and will also guard locks against future UV rays, and the fade that comes with it. Sensational summer products, the Sun range will take care of your 'do until Winter. 



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