Secret Ways To Use Dry Shampoo


Secret Ways To Use Dry Shampoo

With festival season just around the corner, the only hair product you'll need this summer is dry shampoo, but it isn't just for soaking up oily hair when you have no time for washing, there's so much more the handbag sized can does for your tresses. Paul Mitchell's fresh scented 'Dry Wash' is ultra fine and leaves no residue in the hair, the directional spray refreshes and revives lifeless hair and prolongs the life of any style -  so it's perfect for using in any of the following ways. 

Clumpless Curls
For imperfect and natural looking waves, spray dry shampoo evenly across your hair after curling. The spray will lock in your hairs natural oils, but stop it from clumping together into a uniformed doll like waves. 

Voluptuous Volumizer 
By flipping your head forward and concentrating on spraying into the roots, your hair will instantly have more volume. A light spray all over will leave you with an all over textured look. 

Backcombing Boost
Ever find that your backcombing drops moments after stepping out the door? When creating an up 'do, spray the section you are going to backcomb with dry shampoo beforehand and see how much better it holds! 

Clutching Clips
Bobby pins sprayed all over with dry shampoo will grip to your hair much easier, keeping hairstyles put for longer! 

Heavenly Hold
A light coating of dry shampoo after styling your hair acts as a hairspray without the hard and sticky finish, instead you will find you can still run your fingers through your hair. 

Erased roots
If you're blonde and days away from your root touch up, the white colouring of dry shampoo can magically tone down your roots with a generous spray!

Free The Fringe
Spray dry shampoo under your fringe to stop it from sticking to your forehead, make sure it's just underneath and it will keep your fringe in place and stop it from separating too. 

Hair Accessories for Summer 15!


Hair accessories

Wearing accessories in our hair is a trend that tends to stop once we pass the age of 12, but glitzing our hair up doesn’t have to scream school disco, with twenty butterfly clips scattered across our scalps. 


With the warmer months approaching, and spending more and more time outside, not only do hair accessories look pretty but they help to keep our hair stay put. Weddings, festivals and summer garden parties are a great opportunity to do something different with our hair whether it be subtle metallic clips or bold diamante brooches. 



Festival Fantasy

The perfect way to distract from hair that may be a few days past it’s washing due date, is by adding an accessory. Brush you hair out and spritz a dry shampoo into your roots. We love Dry Wash, express dry waterless shampoo by Paul Mitchell, that will refresh and revive your lifeless hair and hold your festival style. Place a chained or floral hairband across your head and lightly tease around the side for instant festival chic. 



Floral headbands were massive in 2014 and the feminine look is here to stay. But floral is taking a new form and isn’t just limited to festival hair bands. Instead bold statement floral clips pinned to the side of this seasons must have ‘lob’ hairstyle takeover for a stunning wedding look. Complete with a sweep of rosy blusher across cheekbones. 



If you’re looking for a show-stopping hair style this summer, oversized chunky jewels against a backcombed beehive will automatically create a ‘glunge’ look that is set to be massive in 2015. If you’re not keen on rocking the jewels so boldly, choose coloured accessories that match your hair tones. For example, pretty golden sparkles entwined in a messy loose up-do of multi-tonal hair will make for a pretty, sophisticated vibe. 


Quirky Cool 

Hair accessories don’t have to be all glitz & glam or florals. For a cool and individual look, printed scarves and material look great, especially against bold monochrome hair colours such as jet black and platinum blonde. Try searching in charity shops for cheap ties, scarves etc and loosely tie into a bow off centre on top of your head. 

SS15 Make-up Trends


makeup trends ss14SS15 Make-up Trends


Make-up has taken a serious toning down this season. The fresh faced look is most definitely being favoured when compared to over-done styles. To keep yourself up to date and in the know, try some of these new trends we can't help but notice have popped up. 


Strong Brow and Lip Game

If you’re short of time but in need of a quick glam make-up fix there are two areas on your face that you should be focusing on. The brow and lips. With an abundance of eyebrow tools to choose from, use gel or pencil to define your brows lightly while ensuring not to over draw your natural shape. Instead work with what you have to create a more natural style.   


For lips, oxblood red is the colour of the moment. Pale skin tones should opt for a blue based lip colour, while darker and olive skin tones should rock rich brown and earthy reds. For a 3D look use lip liner on the outer parts, then fill in the cupids bow and centre with the main lip colour…voila! Lush cherry lips. 


Bold Blues

Although current makeup trends have been kept minimal and natural looking, one trend that completely contradicted the fresh faced phase was the use of bright blue around the eyes. Electric blue eyeliner along the water line will give a striking look that makes any eye colour pop!


Going for Gold 

Instead of having to spend hours in front of the mirror intricately blending around the contours of your face, this new makeup trend is a lot easier. Use bronzer to accentuate cheekbones and add a shimmery highlight on top for a sunkissed dewy glow. 

Bleached Beauties


Kardashians Blonde

Bleached Beauties

Earlier this week Khloe Kardashian was seen sporting a golden new hair transformation, only to be completely out-bleached by older sister Kim who took to the bottle on a whole new level showing off her peroxide long bob at Paris Fashion week, and these drastic changes come just a months after Kylie's Instagram selfie in a blonde wig for a fashion shoot.

Being blonde is great as there are so many shades and variations of how you can wear the fun colour, from delicate hand painted highlights to a full head of peroxide perfection, the only thing that could put you off is the damage so commonly associated with lightening your hair. So, if you're about to reach for the bleach, here's some tips to take into consideration. 


If your hair is healthy before you start, then you will cause less damage. Leave out dying your hair before bleaching, which will mean the colour is easier to lift and your will require less bleach. Use nourishing masks 2 weeks before and try not to wash your hair 2 days before you bleach in order for your scalp not to be oversensitive.  


The best way to restore moisture in your hair is by limiting how often you wash it, the natural oil will nourish your hair but if you wash it daily it will never reach the ends. Gradually cut down shampooing to once or twice a week. 


Let your hair dry naturally and never sleep with it wet to avoid tangles and split ends. Once dry you can lightly use a hair dryer and a brush to create your desired style. If you do use heated styling remember to spray your hair generously with a heat protective spray. 

There are plenty of ways to style your hair without heat, after washing try tight braids for a crimped look, barrel rolled pin curls secured with flat clips or messy twists for a beachy look. 


Don't wait too long in between bleaches, the first half an inch of your roots will bleach to the whitest blonde as your scalp regenerates heat, if you leave it too long you'll end up with a brassy/orange band that will require two lots of bleaching.   


The final step, and the icing on top of the cake for bleached hair, is all in the toning. A toner will eliminate yellow and orangey tones and using a purple based shampoo once a week will also help to get your hair to silver/platinum blonde, be careful not to leave on for too long though if you don't want a purple tint to your tresses.


And for when you can't make it to the salon, create your own hair masks and treatments at home.

Avocado Mask:

Mix together 1 egg yolk, half a cup of honey, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 small ripe avocados and apply to entire head, leave on for up to two hours (the mask will harden) and then shampoo and condition hair as normal. 

Mayo Mask:

Mayonnaise is high in cholesterol and works really well as a deep conditioner. Apply regular mayonnaise all over hair and cover with plastic wrap, leave for 30mins and shampoo and condition as normal. 

Natural Oils:

Coconut, Jojoba and Olive oil are all packed with moisturising ingredients, heat up half a cup and massage it into dry hair, start at the scalp to increase the natural oil production and work your way through to the ends. Cover with a plastic wrap and leave for 30 minutes, rinse out with shampoo and condition. 

Paul Mitchell have a great range of products specifically designed for blonde hair, including a a purple based shampoo for platinum, and it's all stocked in our salon! 

Dreamy Dermalogica


Alice Dermalogica


At Pride we believe everyone should experience a Dermalogica Facial, that's why we offer your first one at half price, for just £22.00! Alice, the newest member at Pride who is currently our Salon Assistant, will be starting her apprenticeship in hairdressing this year and has just tried out the facial that she describes as 'incredible'. 

As a prescriptive facial, we listen to you and choose products based on your personal skin type, but the facial doesn't stop there. Alice found herself being treated to a full on pamper session, starting with her shoulders, arms, hands and feet being spoilt with a hot oil treatment and after being wrapped in hot blankets.

The whole process is made to make the customer feel good and Alice remembers how her make-up was taken off and her face was cleansed using a massaging technique. Next her skin was exfoliated with a scrub and a foamy face mask applied. To make the experience even more relaxing Alice was snuggled up under warm blankets for the duration!

The whole facial takes place in Pride's own relaxing treatment room, which is made complete with ambient music and calming aromas. Not only did Alice get to enjoy such tranquil settings and some time to unwind but her skin has benefited and has been left glowing and smooth.


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