The Laidback Luxe


Laidback Luxe

Creating natural, laid-back curls is easy with the ghd creative curl wand. By following these simple steps, your curls can look natural and beautiful for an everyday look.

Step 1

Before curling each section of hair, make sure your prep it with a curl hold spray from root to tip.

Step 2

Once the section of hair has been prepared, split the section into three pieces. Twist the first section of hair away from your face. Wrap this section around the curl wand vertically for 5 - 8 seconds creating a structured look with a flatter root.

Step 3

With the other two sections of hair, repeat the vertical curling technique to create waves with a haphazard look.

Step 4

Once you have curled all of your hair using the three section technique, work through your hair with your fingertips, loosening the curl and creating natural curls throughout.

For Voluptuous Volume



Looking to add super-sized, volumised curls to your hairstyle? Then this is the perfect style for you.

Step 1

For this look you can use slightly bigger sections of hair for curling. Take a section of hair above your ear and prepare the hair with a quick dash of hair spray from the root to tip.

Step 2

Holding the tong horizontally, wrap the section of hair around the soft curl tong, roll towards the root and hold the tong in place for 5 - 8 seconds. When you wrap the hair around the tong, make sure it is horizontal to lift the hair and create a large, loose wave.

Step 3

Repeat this curling technique throughout all your hair, from the front until the back, making sure you alternate the direction you wrap the curl to create voluptuous volume.

Step 4

Once all the hair has been beautifully curled, very lightly brush through the curls to create a soft curl. Take care when doing this so you do not crush the volume you have created throughout your hair.

Introducing a world of styling opportunities


The ghd curve with tri-zone technology is the newest product to the shelves at Pride Newmarket. Designed to give you a good hair day every day and whatever your hair type, we wanted to share with you how to achieve the best looks with the innovative, new curving wands and tongs.

Using the four curling tongs you can achieve a range of looks leaving you with healthier looking curls that will stay locked in all day and night. We will be sharing a range of styles over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our blog.


classic curl

The Classic Curl

With the new ghd curve classic curl tong, you can achieve this look in no time. Follow these simple steps to achieve these beautiful contoured curls.

Step 1

Before starting with the curling tong, make sure you have separated your hair into sections, this will ensure your curls are more defined. Once the hair is separated, take the first section and twist the top of the hair.

Step 2

Begin to curl the rest of the hair section around the curling tong and hold for 5 - 8 seconds, depending on the thickness of the section. Repeat this technique throughout the whole of your hair, leaving the front section of hair only.

Step 3

Instead of twisting the section of hair close to your scalp, for the front section of hair, start the twist at eye-level. Wrap your hair around the curling tong, and curl towards the root of your hair.

Step 4

Once you have curled all of your hair, use a detangling comb to soften the curl. It is best to comb your ends first and then work your way to the root.

Dermalogica Expert Status


Dermalogica Expert status

This week our Beauty Therapist Carla Belmonte has been awarded Dermalogica Expert status, recognising her as one of the highest trained skin care professionals in the country.

As a therapist Carla has completed ongoing postgraduate education at the International Dermal Institute, training with the world's leading professional skin care brand, Dermalogica. In order for Carla to receive Expert Status, she had to pass three Dermaolgica tiers of education. These are Dermalogica Certified, Dermalogica Specialist and Dermalogica Expert. Carla is now expert in her field and will continue to provide the highest quality of beauty treatments for both men and women.

On top of Carla’s Dermologica Expert Status in April the team entered Dermalogica’s #PureBright window display competition. We created a clever ‘lighting’ display using Dermaolgica products to unveil #BrighterSkin ingredients for our clients. We are waiting to hear the results, so watch this space!

Join us in congratulating Carla and if you would like to book any appointment with her or another member of the team, give us a ring on 01638 663222 or check out our range of treatments here. 

Glow For it


St Tropez


With the summer season nearly upon us, we will soon be de-layering and exposing our pasty skin once more. But before you take a trip to the beauty aisles to achieve the ultimate summer glow, we have highlighted the best sun-kissed products from St Tropez this season.

Gradual Tan Body Lotion

To create a gradual, sun-kissed glow, use St Tropez Gradual Tan Body Lotion to keep skin moisturised for the perfect wearable, everyday tan. The glow will develop over 4 - 12 hours and there is no need to re-apply a moisturiser as this lotion will keep your skin smooth and soft all day long.


Self Tan Classic Mousse

This fake tan will need at least 4 hours to develop but will last for anything between 3 - 5 days for a sun-kissed, week-long glow. This super-lighweight mousse delivers a natural, streak-free looking tan that will tailor to your skin tone. We recommend you exfoliate dry areas of your body before application to improve the look.


Instant Tanning Lotion

Have you just been invited out and you are in need of an instant glow? No fear because this instant tanning lotion will deliver a natural looking streak-free tan for one night only. This natural product is water and transfer resistant, making it the ideal instant fix.


Tan Enhancing Body Polish

In order to acheive and prolong the perfect summer glow, maintaining the tan is crucial and this specially formulated product will help your tan last longer. The product exfoliates the skin, ensuring your colour will stay completely even and streak-free. It will help your skin to remain smooth, soft and natural looking all day long.


To discover more about the range of St Tropez products and to buy from the range, contact a member of our team or visit our salon



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