Haunting Beauty


Halloween in the UK gets bigger and better every year, and so do the costumes.  For us adults its an excuse to dress up outrageously for a night out and get away with it as it is “Halloween”...


Halloween beauty


However it seems that the beauty world is giving us a helping hand.  Make-up for Halloween can make you look devilishly fierce even if you have gone out dressed up as a zombie cheerleader!

Smokey eyes and contoured cheek bones can give you the look of the undead but all the while pulling off a serious season trend. Big hair will give the impression of waking up on the wrong side of the coffin, but big body in your locks will really give your outfit that extra glam. St Tropez have brought out a skin illuminator in gold, rose and violet so you too can get glittery skin like Edward Cullen from the Twighlight series, and this was the product they used to give the contestants a haunting glow on the X Factor Halloween special. To finish off your look get a spook inspired manicure from Minx, they have so many designs there is bound to be one that will suit your outfit.

With celebs like Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian going all out for Halloween - why not go all out too?! However before you slip into the world of slumber after your big night make sure you take all your make-up off with Dermalogica soothing make up remover, it was voted top by The Daily Mail and we are pretty fond of it too, pick some up at Pride Hair and Beauty, as well as the skin illuminator from St Tropez and the Minx manicures.


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The Ponytail Revolution!


The sleek ponytail has been seen all over the catwalks at Paris and London Fashion Weeks and adorning the head of many a fashion forward celebrity.

The styles of ponytail vary slightly but what they all have in common is sleek shiny looking hair.



We here at Pride LOVE this look and have a lot of demand for it. Here are a few tips on how to re-create the look:


Clean hair is esstential to getting this look sleek, smooth and sassy.  So prepare your hair first by washing and conditioning with Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Shampoo and The Rinse Lightweight Conditioner.

  • Treat your hair from half-way down to the ends with Paul Mitchell's leave in Refining Conditioner before blow drying with a hair dryer.
  • The strength of this ponytail lies in its position and in its tightness, so take hair high up on the crown of the head, using a natural bristle brush to smooth any flyaways or bumps before securing with an hair tie of your choice- ideally one that matches your hair colour.
  • For maximum shine, we recommend Paul Mitchell Shine Spray-On Polish, smoothing from the hairline to where the pony is fastened and liberally misting the whole style with Paul Mitchell Soft Spray
  • Then to put a bit of pizazz in your pony, add bejewelled hair accessories or wrap the hair tie in a length of material.


Then your ready to party, and you look fabulously on trend!



Get your Minx on!



Minx Nails are an absolute must. Extending fashion to your toes, the foil covering have proven popular amongst the celebrity-endorsed world.With endless designs to choose from, it's time to get your Minx on!!

Moonlight Feather Hair Extensions!


Don't miss out on the latest trend this season! With hair extensions becoming more and more popular, try these amazing feather extensions and stand out from the crowd! With lots of different colours and styles to choose from, come to us to add some glamour to your locks!


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