New Year New You!


Its the start of a New Year, and what a year its going to be! With a couple of extra days off of due to our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and our nation hosting the Olympics, which by all accounts is going to be the biggest and the best to date, what’s not to look forward to!




So after the excess of the holidays (come on, lets be honest, we all had a bit too much food and/or drink!) I think we are all in need of detox!  Looking after your body inside and out is very important to an overall feeling of revitalisation. So eating lots of fruit and vegetables, having a balanced diet and drinking lots of water will lead to healthier looking skin, a better level of fitness and a great go-get-them attitude.  We will leave the looking after your insides to you, but we can help with the looking great on the outside.

So if you pop into the salon in 2012 and you want to look as great as you feel we can help! Whether it be a dramatic new hair cut to really shake of 2011 and say ‘Hello!’ to 2012, or you need to revamp your makeup/look our girls are able to talk you through it and achieve a look that will really suit you.

We have some exciting new products coming to Pride Hair and Beauty in 2012.  For all you Gents out there we will have some new grooming products available early in the New Year and for all you Ladies we have a really exciting product coming that will exclusive to us in the region!....more details to come soon.....


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To Tip or not to Tip?


There is a new hair craze thats taking the celebrity beauty world by storm at the moment ....and that is Tip Dying....


dip dye


Seen on an increasing number of celebrity heads, the style of dying the ends of the hair a contrasting colour to the roots and body of the hair is a trend that really seems to be taking hold!

Examples of a great dip dye job can be seen on the lovely Audrina Patridge with her chocolatey tones gradually fading up to a brilliant blonde at the tips.  Of course your run-of-the-mill celebrity will be styled to the max to achieve this bang on trend look, like Caroline Flack, presenter of Xtra Factor.  She also rocks this gorgeous trend and makes it look effortless.

However you will always get the ‘just missed’ the mark people who have aimed high but sadly missed out the on look they were trying to achieve.  Take Nicki Minaj, she is well known for her crazy off the wall looks, but we doubt this (above) would be a style the general public would want to copy...but if she likes it then who are we to judge!

We have actually had a few requests for this particular colour job here at Pride.  They also went for the Audrina rather than the Nicki.  We think this style is becoming more popular as the maintenance of it is so easy!  You do not get any roots and there is no touch up needed so you can let it grow out if you fall out of love with the style.  Its a great way to change up your look for the new year while being hassle-free!

So if you want some “New Year, New You” action why not try this? Drop in to the Salon and have a chat to one of the girls!

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The rise of the Fake Tan



While the skin tone of a typical English Rose is still appreciated a slightly more bronzed, buffed and beautiful tone is quickly becoming all consuming in the beauty world.


Fake Tan


Lets be honest, technology has moved on somewhat in the fake tanning arena.  Back in the day, to get a golden glow ladies resorted to old tea bags to get that exotic Mediterranean look (and thankfully we have all moved on from that!), and more recently we suffered from streaky, smelly ‘tangoed’ tans.

Nowadays there is a plethora of products and systems available to help us get that sun-kissed looked without looking a dodgy shade of orange or our skin being exposed to the damaging effects of UV rays.  The fact that we live in an age where we are far more savvy about what is good for our health and what isnt maybe explains the rise of the fake tan.  These health concerns mean that a tan is more likely than not to come out of a bottle than from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

St Tropez, is one of the leading self-tanning products in the UK, (one of the many reasons we stock it) and they sell three bottles of bronzing mousse a minute around the world! They calculate that 41% of us ladies in the UK use self-tanning products and that us Brits spend £35m a year on fake tan products from shops, and spend millions more on lotions and sprays in salons.

After the royal wedding, there was a sales spike from the "Middletan effect", due to the fact Pippa Middleton had a dark, glowing complexion.  With extremely popular shows like ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and ‘Made in Chelsea’ and now 'Desperate Scousewives' championing this beauty regime, the trend looks as if it will only continue.  Which is a good thing for us here at Pride as we love a good fake tan, thats why we stock gorgeous brands like St Tropez and Sienna X.  So next time your feeling a bit pale why not pop in and get a spray tan or pick up some do-it-yourself products!


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Nailing The Look


Whether it is a recession or a depression, since the 1900’s the beauty industry has always stayed on top even when times were hard, and its latest champion....Nail Varnish.


Nail art


No matter how bleak the outlook, it seems us ladies (and some men - we are all about equality) like to look our best.  With the newest beauty hero, its even simpler than before, nail varnish is an inexpensive treat that can act as a perfect pick me up when we are feeling a little depressed and dowdy.

In every economic slump in history the beauty industry always managed to stay on top, women have always treated themselves even when times were hard.  As no matter how poor you are you still want to look your best. 

You can beat the recession no matter what your budget, a bright coloured nail varnish is an easy way to brighten up your look and now seen an essential part of an outfit, just as carefully planned out as shoes or a hand bag.

Statistics from Superdrug show a 37% rise in sales in the past year, nail varnish is seen as the new lipstick.  This trend was brought on by crackle nail varnishes and nail art designs from companies like Minx nails.  Its all about the quick fix, quick change, if your not confident enough to wear bright lip stick then your probably more likely to wear a bright nail varnish.

Bright and patterned nails have been seen on lots of catwalks this season - gone are the days of designers choosing a nude colour so they didn’t draw focus away from the clothes. Now they actively seek out daring designs to really make the look ‘pop’, and it is an easy way in to a new trend, nail varnish can complete a look.

Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Serena Williams and Jessie J are big fans of it with some have teamed up with companies like OPI to make their own versions, OPI have even collaborated with The Muppets to bring out a colourful new range.

So if your feeling drab but want to be fab...then get on some nail varnish, we recommend “Gettin Miss Piggy with it’ from the new Muppets range from OPI- a very festive red!


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Pride get some make up tips from New CID Cosmetics


CID staff training session


CID Cosmetics training


We had a lovely make-up artist come in this week. The girls learnt all the latest techniques and trends in the make-up world, even learning how to make sure your make-up stays put for 24hrs!  One party animal amongst the group even confessed that the CID eyeliner i-Gel lasted 48hrs after a weekend of partying!

Nikki Patel was the makeup artist, she has worked on projects with Madonna and leading glossy mags and travels the country promoting the brand.

All the girls left with plenty of top tips, especially liking the bronzer application technique.  Nickki showed the girls how to contour the face and highlight underneath the cheek bones to make the face appear slimmer. 


For more snaps of how the training session went check out our facebook page...

The Pride girls are now eager to pass on the knowledge and glamorise the girls of Newmarket!


So if you fancy a makeover, and why not as its the party season! Then pop in the Salon and we will have you looking even more fabuous than you already are in no time!


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