Switch up your hairstyle this season


We’ve taken a look at the top ways to switch up your hairstyle this season.

The textured look

Many designers on the catwalk took an unfussy approach to hair this season, keeping plenty of length on the top but styling the hair forward onto the face. Though the basic design on this style is the same, it’s easy to tweak to fit with your own style. Why not try a loose side parting with the hair styled off your face as this may be more comfortable? And, don’t worry, this look can still be achieved if you have shorter hair, just follow the same routine and make it work for you.

The slick look

Slick hair was a dominant look for many designers on the autumn/winter catwalk. Although often quite extreme on the catwalk, with admittedly, some models looking like they had been trapped in the rain, you can tone it down and still achieve this catwalk look. Why not try a neat side parting or quiff with a healthy shine to it?

The quiff

Timeless and classically masculine, the quiff was a firm fixture on London’s autumn/winter 2015 runways. The quiff can be done in no time and is a low maintenance cut, you just can’t go wrong. Instead of the more dramatic, pristine look that has dominated this season, people are taking a more relaxed approach, with slightly more length being left through the back and sides.

Autumn Hair Trends


We don’t want the summer to end quite as yet, but as the shops bring an end to their summer sales and knitwear begins to fill our wardrobes again, we thought it’s about time to look at some of the biggest hair and beauty trends this autumn.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you the biggest hair and beauty looks for both men and women, and to kick off, we have handpicked our favourite autumn/winter hairstyles for women.


After seasons of casual up-do’s, elegant and luxurious styles are returning for autumn/winter 2015. Chanel and Balenciaga showcased elegant buns and couture-like French twists on their catwalk and we are continuing to see these beautiful looks on the red carpet too.

The pretty things

Hair accessories are always a nice addition to any hairstyle and this season we are turning to beautifully jeweled clips and luxe leather hairbands to add another touch of glamour to your look.


Revive and lighten your hair colour this autumn with golden highlights placed on the ends of the hair. The style will add an instant glow to your face and is a flattering look for all skin tones.

Take it to the side

The middle parting is definitely still going strong, but a deep side parting is now having a comeback. This look was present at a number of the New York catwalks including Donna Karen and Jill Sander. The look was slick, un-volumised and uncomplicated and many of the styles were swept back with a booby pin or a glamorous clip.

If you would like to learn more about hair trends for autumn/winter, book an appointment at the salon and our experienced team will help you achieve these looks glamorous styles.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion.



St. Tropez has once again amazed us with an all new product that makes us look fabulous throughout summer, the Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion now gives us the opportunity of that desired sun kissed, streak free glow in just 3 short minutes!
After washing with your usual shower gel, turn off the shower and generously apply the Lotion to wet skin in circular motions with the palm of your hand. After the application wash your hands with warm water and wait 3 minutes before fully rinsing off and drying as usual. During your wait the self-tan naturally starts to work, beginning the process to that effortless glow.
This new product is outstanding as it gives you a quick, stress free way of looking good, perfect for those summer weddings and holidays. Within a 3 consecutive day period of daily use, you get stunning results.
This is the UK’s first ever product that uses water to promote a gradual tan and even acts as a 24 hour moisturiser after use! For most girls this is their knight-in-shining-armour and they would agree that so far nothing can beat it!
This is a much easier way of tanning without the general routine we all have to go through to be close to a natural tan without going abroad, and up until now nothing has been easier.

Your Summer Nail Fix


Having spent weeks carefully choosing your outfits, accessories and shoes, no one wants the nightmare of forgetting the all-important element before holiday – nails. Embellishments that can make or break your look, both your fingers and toes deserve some TLC to compliment the wow factor you’re aiming for this summer.

Weekends away, whether they are festival trips or city breaks, always leave you wishing you had more time. So don’t use precious moment to wait for your nails to dry; there is an alternative!

At Pride Hair & Beauty, in addition to the wonders we work on your luscious locks and sun kissed skin, we bring glamour to your tips and your toes. Sharing the products seen in the celebrity world, we have high quality foils and colours on offer. Our selection of Minx Nails and OPI Gelcolour is for your luxurious indulgence.

Be on trend for Summer 2015 with fine coral colourings and brushes of pale blue. These palettes will flatter light summer patterns and fabrics perfect for sunshine strolling. Those who opt for brighter and more vibrant looks, however, will want to cast their eye over punchy pinks and apple reds. These colours are more daring as they won’t simply blend in, but rather make your nails pop.

Choose to complete your look in perfect unity, or clash colours to maximise the explosive effect, just make sure your nails are covered.

Hollywood waves


Hollywood Waves

These gorgeous Hollywood waves are perfect for any special occasion. In order to create this glamorous look, you need the ghd curve classic wave band, hair spray and a paddle brush.

Step 1

To begin, separate the hair into sections and start with the hair above your ear. Once your hair has been separated, prepare the section for hold spray from the root to the tip.

Step 2

With the section of hair above the ear, flat-wrap the hair over the wand to create a deep, beautiful wave. When curling, try to hold the tong diagonally, in order to create the soft, glamorous wave.

Step 3

Hold the tong diagonally for 5 - 8 seconds and repeat this technique throughout all of the hair creating medium to tight curls throughout the ends of the hair.

Step 4

Once the curling is complete, use a paddle brush to lightly brush through the curls in the same direction. This brushing action will transform the curls into a classy, soft wave for that special occasion.


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